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Scuba Diving (Half-Day Tour)

Scuba Diving (Half-Day Tour)

Appropriate Clothing Selection


Wear comfortable, water-resistant clothing suitable for diving. Choose diving shoes or water-appropriate sandals.


Sun Protection


Apply enough sunscreen to protect yourself from the harmful effects of the sun, especially in the summer months when the sun can be quite strong.




Make sure to drink enough water. Diving is an activity that can increase your body's need for water.


Safety Equipment


Use your diving equipment and life jacket correctly. Pay attention to the instructors' instructions on how to use the equipment.


Check Your Health Condition


Review your health status before diving. Especially those with heart, blood pressure, or respiratory issues should consult a doctor before diving.


Experience Level


Dive in areas suitable for your diving experience. If you are a beginner, follow the advice of the instructors.


Respect for the Environment:


Be careful not to harm marine life and the environment while diving. Avoid interfering with natural life.


Photography and Video Shooting


Photography and video shooting during diving may be subject to additional fees. If you want to use this service, get information in advance and make the necessary arrangements.


Be Prepared for Emergencies


Learn the necessary information and equipment for emergencies. Pay attention to the emergency procedures provided by the instructors.


These recommendations and advice will help you make the most of your diving tour at the cliffs of Antalya and ensure a safe experience.

1.Day / Half-Day Diving Program at the Cliffs of Antalya



08:00: Pickup from the hotel in Antalya.


08:30 - 09:00: Arrival at the diving center at the cliffs and registration.


09:00 - 09:30: Safety briefing and introduction to the diving equipment.


Before Noon


09:30 - 11:30: Diving session in the cliff area. Explore the underwater beauty of the Mediterranean in this unique location.


After Diving


12:00: Return to the hotel from the diving center.


Additional Tour Tips and Information


Wear comfortable clothing suitable for water activities.

Don't forget your sports shoes or sandals and a towel.

Diving is conducted with individual instructors and supervised by experienced instructors from Antalya.

Diving equipment is provided by the tour organization.

Taking photos and videos during the dive is optional and subject to additional fees.


This half-day program is designed to offer a memorable diving experience in the cliff region of Antalya.