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Tips and Recommendations

Appropriate Clothing


Wear comfortable and water-resistant clothing for rafting. Water-appropriate shoes, a hat, and sunglasses are important.


Sun Protection


Don't forget to apply sunscreen, especially in summer when the sun is very strong.




Make sure to drink enough water. Rafting is a physical activity that requires good hydration.


Safety Instructions


Listen carefully to the safety briefing before rafting and follow the given instructions.


Swimming Skills


Basic swimming knowledge is important for rafting. Additional safety measures may be needed for those who cannot swim.


Health Status


People with heart problems, back pain, or neck pain should consult their doctor before participating.


Camera and Electronic Equipment


You may consider using a waterproof camera or phone case, but be aware of the risk of damage during rafting.




It is best to leave your valuables in a safe place during the excursion.


Special Attention for Children


If children are participating, ensure they have life jackets and safety equipment suitable for their size.


Weather Conditions


The rafting excursion can depend on weather conditions. It is useful to check the weather forecast before the tour.


By taking these tips and warnings into account, you can fully enjoy your rafting experience at Koprulu Canyon while staying safe.

1.Day / One-Day Rafting Program at Koprulu Canyon



07:30 - 08:00: Pickup from your hotel and departure to Koprulu Canyon.


09:30: Arrival at Koprulu Canyon, registration, and distribution of equipment.


10:00: Safety briefing and information about rafting.


Before Noon


10:30 - 12:30: First rafting session. Tackle the currents while admiring the magnificent landscapes of the canyon.





12:30 - 13:30: Lunch by the river. Lunch is included in the tour price and offers a pleasant break in nature.




13:30 - 15:30: Second rafting session. Continue the adventure in different parts of the river.




16:00: End of rafting and return of equipment.


16:30: Return to the hotel and end of the tour.


Important Notes


The tour is suitable for all ages and experience levels.


Safety equipment and rafting gear are provided by the tour organization.


Lunch is included in the tour price.


Weather conditions and water levels can affect the tour program, so it is important to check the current information before the tour.