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Pamukkale & Hierapolis and Salda Lake (Daily Tour)

Tips and Recommendations

Clothing and Equipment: It is recommended to wear comfortable walking shoes, sunscreen, a hat, and bathing clothes.


Health and Safety: It is particularly important to stay well-hydrated during the summer months and to be cautious while walking on slippery travertines.

1.Day / Pamukkale & Hierapolis and Salda Lake


Pamukkale Travertines

1.Entry and First View:


  • We start our tour with a traditional Turkish breakfast, offering a delicious introduction to the day.


  • Impressive Entrance: Upon arrival at Pamukkale, the first thing that greets visitors is the enchanting whiteness and vastness of the travertines. An introduction to the formation of this natural wonder is presented.


2.Travertine Terraces:


  • Walking Path: Accompanied by a guide, visitors take a careful walk along the travertine steps formed by hot springs and limestone deposits. Information about the formation of these unique natural structures and conservation efforts is provided.


  • Therapeutic Waters: The warm waters of the travertines, rich in minerals, are considered beneficial for health. Time is allotted for visitors to enjoy these waters.


3.Photography and Viewpoints:


  • Scenic Viewpoints: The guide shows the points offering the most impressive views of the travertines. These places provide exceptional photographic opportunities, especially at sunset.


4.Natural Park and Environment:


  • Vegetation and Ecosystem: The natural park area around the travertines offers information on the flora and fauna of the region. The interaction of natural life with this unique geography is explained.


Ancient City of Hierapolis


1.Start of the Archaeological Tour:


Entrance and First Impressions: At the entrance of Hierapolis, the guide provides a general introduction to the history of the ancient city. Emphasis is placed on the Greco-Roman influence and the importance of the city in the ancient world.


2.Main Structures and Historical Areas:


  • Ancient Theater: This large and impressive structure from the Roman era can accommodate 15,000 people. The guide provides information about the architecture of the theater and its historical functions.


  • Necropolis Area: The vast cemetery of Hierapolis reveals types of graves and rituals from different periods. The guide explains the inscriptions and symbols on the tombstones.


  • Ancient Baths and Agora: These structures, which were the center of the city's social life, provide important information about daily life in Hierapolis.


3.Cleopatra's Pool:


  • Legends and History: This pool, fed by hot springs, is surrounded by legends related to Cleopatra. The guide focuses on the historical and mythological importance of the pool.


  • Swimming Experience: Free time is given to swim among the historic columns.



4.Hierapolis Archaeological Museum:
  • Works and Exhibitions: The works displayed in the museum reflect the rich history of Hierapolis and its surroundings. The guide provides information about important pieces and discoveries.



Salda Lake


1.Discovery of the Lake and Scientific Importance:


  • Afternoon Program: After visiting Hierapolis, the journey continues to Salda Lake.


  • Geological Structure and Ecosystem: The guide provides information on the geological structure of Salda Lake, its similarities with Mars, and the richness of the surrounding vegetation.


2.Activities and Relaxation:
  • Swimming and Walking: There are opportunities to swim in the clear waters of the lake and walk along its white sandy beaches.


  • Sunset View: At the end of the day, visitors can observe a peaceful sunset at the edge of the lake.