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Hammam (Turkish Bath) & Spa (Half-Day Tour)

Hammam (Turkish Bath) & Spa


Make a Reservation


Hamam tours are often popular, so making a reservation in advance is a smart move. This will help secure your spot on the date and time you desire.


Light Meal


Try not to have a heavy meal before the tour. The hamam experience should be relaxing, and overeating can lead to discomfort.


Personal Hygiene


Personal hygiene is important during a hamam visit. Going in a clean state will make the experience more enjoyable for both you and other visitors.


Bring Water


It's a good idea to bring a water bottle to drink during the tour. Hydration is important as you may sweat in the hot environment.


Towel and Swimwear:


Hamams typically provide towels and swimwear, but it's beneficial to bring your own swimwear and towel as personal preferences may vary.




Alcohol and Fasting


Consuming alcohol during the hamam experience is not recommended. Additionally, going on an empty stomach can lead to discomfort, so having a light snack beforehand is a good idea.


Sensitive Skin


If you have sensitive skin or any skin issues, it's important to inform the hamam attendant before the hamam experience so that appropriate products can be used.


Hamam Temperature


Hamams can be hot, so be cautious if you have a low tolerance for extreme heat. If the temperature makes you uncomfortable, inform the hamam attendant.


Personal Space


Remember that personal space and privacy are important during your hamam visit. Be respectful to other guests in the hamam.


Follow Attendant's Advice


Follow the advice given by the hamam attendant and don't hesitate to refrain from doing something that makes you uncomfortable.


These tips and warnings will help make your hamam experience more enjoyable and trouble-free. Enjoy your hamam tour!

1.Day / Half-Day Hammam Tour Program

Morning: Hammam Experience (Classic Package or Deluxe Package)


Choose your preferred time for the hammam experience: morning or afternoon. Turkish Hammam: Your experience begins with a traditional Turkish hammam where you can relax and start sweating. Steam Bath: After the hammam, relax in a steam bath to open your skin pores. Soap Massage: Following the hammam, enjoy a soap massage for further relaxation. Body Scrub: Remove dead skin cells with a specially designed body scrub. Relaxing Oil Massage (20 minutes or 45 minutes): For the classic package, the massage lasts 20 minutes, while the deluxe package offers a 45-minute massage to complete your hammam experience.


Lunch: Free Time


After the hammam experience, you will have free time for lunch. Use this time to explore the city or relax.


Afternoon: Return


In the afternoon, return to your hotel after your hammam experience and enjoy the rest of your day.


This program includes both the classic package and the deluxe package; the duration of your experience will depend on which one you choose. Enjoy your hammam tour!