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1.1. The website of the Company uses “cookies”.
Information that Company gets through the cookies helps to deliver services in the most convenient way. By using this website, the User agrees with the placement of cookies in his device under the terms of this Agreement. If the User doesn’t agree with the using cookies by the Company, the User need either to customize respectively the settings of his browser for Control or Disabling of the cookies in his device or not to use this website and exit it.

1.2. Information on cookies.
Cookies are the small text files downloaded by internet browser of the User to his PC/tablet computer, telephone or any other device used by the User for access to the website. Cookies are used in order to ensure a personalized experience of the site use and convenient site navigation. They help to track the most visited web pages, determine the efficiency of advertising and web searches, and give an indication of the User behavior, thereby contributing to improvement of communication means and products offered to Users. The cookies also help the User not to lose data inserted into the request form, when the site page is refreshed. Cookies that the Company saves through the website do not contain any data enabling to identify the User. Please note that the Company do not guarantee a correct work of the Company’s website in the User’s browser, should the User disable the option of cookies storage.

1.3. Used cookies.
The Company uses the cookies of the following types:

(A) Performance cookies.
These cookies collect information on using of the websites such as, for example, information on the most visited by User pages of the site. They can be used by the Company for optimization of the websites and navigation facilitation. These cookies are also used by the Company’s affiliates to establish a fact of visit to the site from the site of affiliates; a fact of use of the website’s services. The performance cookies are not used for collection of personal data of the website User. All information collected with such cookies is intended for the purposes of statistics and remains anonymous.

(B) Functionality cookies.
These cookies help the websites to remember the choice made by the User, when browsing the website. Such cookies can also be used to remember the settings like a font type and font size of the text, and any other adjustable parameters of the website. The functionality cookies can be used to track the recommended services and videos of the Company in order to prevent the repetition of the same. The functionality cookies help the User not to lose the data inserted into the request form in the website. The information provided by the functionality cookies does not enable User identification and tracking of the User’s experience in the websites, which are not related to the Company.

(C) Advertising cookies.
These cookies record data on User actions in the web, including visits to the sites and pages, and data on the links and advertisements clicked by the Users for browsing. This is necessary to display on the websites the content, which is the most targeted for the User, and to ensure the opportunity to provide the advertising or any other information, which is the most compliant with the User’s interests. The Company, together with the third parties, including the technological partners and service providers, participates in advertising targeted to the interests of Users, delivering the advertisement and the personalized content, which, in Company’s opinion, will be of interest for the User.


1.4. Cookies management.
Most web browsers are preset to accept cookies. The User may change settings to block the cookies by the browser or to get notifications, when such files are sent to the device. There are several ways to manage cookies. Read the browser manual please to learn more about how to adjust or change the browser settings. Please keep in mind that some personal services can’t be delivered to the User and the User selecting such settings can’t get a full access to all sections of the website.

1.5. Term of storage of cookies.
Some cookies operate from the moment of the User’s access to the site till the end of a particular session in the browser. These files become useless and they are automatically deleted upon closing the browser. Such files are called session cookies. Some cookies are also saved on device between the sessions in browser and they are not deleted after the browser closing. Such cookies are called persistent cookies.

1.6. Additional terms and condition.
The terms of this policy apply to all websites of the Company without regard to how the User gets access to the network. By accessing the website the User agrees with the terms of Policy each time the User visits the site with any device. Any amendments made to the Policy will be published here.

This Policy may be amended and/or supplemented by the Company on its own discretion without any special notification. This Policy is an open and public document. The valid version of Policy is available in the web at The Company recommends the Users to check regularly the terms and conditions of this Policy for any amendments and/or supplements.

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